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Questions/ Comments

Feel free to post your questions, comments, or concerns about North Street on this page. We will try to address any questions or concerns in a timely manner. Thank you!

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  1. bob boulware

    What cost per square foot are you experiencing with your porous brick paver sidewalks??

  2. admin

    Project bids are due June 12th. We will be happy to share specific information after that date. In general cost range from $7 – $10 per sq./ ft. depending on specified product and design section.

  3. Garry

    When will I be able to park in front on my home at 12th and north on north again ?

  4. admin

    The gas company just completed the section of the project from 11th to Erie. Since Monday the construction company has excavated the street to subgrade level, they are currently excavating the stormwater storage cells. Once the storage cells are complete fabric, underdrains, and stone will be installed. Concrete curbs and sidewalks will be poured followed by the new brick pavers. We anticipate completion of this section by mid October pending weather delays.
    We thank you for you continued patiance during the construction process. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  5. Norman Long

    My question has to do with the re-installation of the sidewalk and curb in front of First Christian Church. We currently have a reduced curb to enable our handicapped folks access to the front door or to the elevator door. When the new street,curb and landscape is complete will it be possible to extend the size of the current access place to allow folks to unload at either the front door or the elevator door ie. can you just extend the lenght of the current handicap access to make it longer when the new concrete is re-installed in front of the church?…Thank you….Norm

  6. William Crowder

    When do you expect to begin paving or whatever you will do for the surface? Will you pave all the street from Erie to 7 th at the same time? Thanks for reply and thanks for doing this job. Blll Crowder

  7. Judy Edwards

    Why is North Street being torn up between 9th and 8th street DURING SCHOOL month? There is a Catholic school in this block, and in addition the Church has Religious Education Classes meeting on Sunday and Monday evenings for 400 children. It would have been MUCH SAFER for these hundreds of children if this part of the project would have been done during summer months. Very poor planning, and I believe creating an unsafe condition for many children.

  8. admin

    An additional handicap parking space will be added to the north side of the street. The curb on the south side of the street will remain in the same location. Please see link below for more information.
    Thank You

  9. admin

    Thank you for voicing your concerns. Projects are depend on many conditions sometimes out of our control. The churches in the area were involved in many discussions throughout the planning process and encouraged to put together a plan for the construction schedule. This open line of communication with the church has continued during the construction process, and if any specific concerns are brought up they will be addressed immediately. We apologize for any inconveniences but we are looking forward to the many benefits this roadway reconstruction has to offer the community.
    Thank You.

  10. Norman Long

    That is not First Christian Church at 6th and North in your drawing????? Additional handicap on the north side of the street is not what you meant for First Christian….we need the handicap unloading area with the zero curb along the south side of North street directly in front of the chruch….Norm

  11. admin

    Bricks are currently being installed on the east end of the project. The bricklayers have installed bricks from Erie Street to near the 10th Street intersection. Milestone is working diligently on the 9th to 7th Street portion to have it ready for curbs by middle of next week (Nov. 7th). We are hopeful the brick layers will be able to start on the 7th to 9th Street side within two weeks. No determination has been made at this time which end they will start laying bricks, 7th or 9th. You are welcome to stop by the east end of the project off of Erie Street and look at the completed bricks. This area still has a small amount of work to be completed between the curb and the sidewalk.

  12. admin

    The engineer will review proposed plans in this area to look for opportunities to better accommodate handicap access from the street. This area is not scheduled for construction until mid-2013 at the earliest, allowing adequate time to re-evaluate the area in question. Thank you very much for the input, and we will post any potential solutions after re-evaluating the area this winter.

  13. Dan Paul

    The projected finish date for North street between Erie and 10th was mid October it is almost December. I would like to be able to park on my street again before the snow starts falling good because where I park now is an emergency removal route.

  14. admin

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Our goal is to have this phase of the project complete by 12.21.12. We thank you for your patience. Please see the updated construction schedule at the link below.

  15. Norman Long

    Thank you for your consideration and best wishes….Norm Long

  16. Janice Montgomery

    I’m the secretary at First Christian Church and we would like to know when you plan on closing the street for construction of North Street part – 6th to 7th Streets

  17. admin

    This portion of North Street is not currently in the budget for this year. The construction schedule is not determined at this time.

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