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Project Benefits

North Street Project Improvement Benefits

The North Street Reconstruction and Integrated Stormwater Management project will not only improve North Street for the community; it will also improve the city’s water quality and quantity. North Street will be integrated with stormwater quality elements that reduce the number of combined sewer overflow events and improve community aesthetics. These features make this project a truly sustainable project according to the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Analysis.

Please use the following links to further understand the benefits of the North Street Reconstruction and Integrated Stormwater Management project.

City of Lafayette Stormwater User Fees Website

City of Lafayette Combined Sewer Overflows Website

City of Lafayette Wet Weather Program Management Website


Combined Sewer System

The integrated stormwater management system has the potential to prevent up to 80% of the project area’s annual stormwater runoff from entering the combined sewer system. Additionally there will be an 18% reduction in peak flow during stormwater events. The removal of this stormwater provides additional capacity within the system downstream of North Street, and reduces the number of overflows to the Wabash River. Not only will this project remove stormwater from the combined sewer, it will also reduce the amount of stormwater that needs to be treated at the waste water treatment facility. Based on the amount of water removed from the combined sewer system and conveyed to the waste water treatment facility, the project has the potential to save approximately $14,800 annually in avoided treatment costs.


Improved Elements

  1. Salvage and reuse of historic bricks
  2. Improved Lighting
  3. Improved Signage
  4. Improved ADA Accessibility
  5. Improved Sewer Infrastructure
  6. Improved Stormwater Infrastructure
  7. Improved Sidewalks
  8. Added Trees

Preserved and Replaced Trees

Educational Opportunities

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